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The iconic Cue store is located on the ground level at Chadstone and displays an extensive range of all its signature fashion products.The design ethics of Cue are based on innovation, dynamic energy and creativity. The brand is specially focused on futuristic Australian fashion and has a passionate and dedicated design team, which prides itself on its experience and incessant creativity.The brand believes in experimenting with fashion and consistently creating innovative trends based on its signatures: premium fabrics, statement prints and sharp tailoring. The Australian brand has been around in the fashion industry for more than forty-five years. In the year 1968, Cue offered a fresh perspective to the Australian fashion industry. At the peak of Carnaby St, Mod and Beatle mania, taking inspiration from the latest trends in London, Cue launched a store in the Strand Arcade in Sydney. The brand turned highly ambitious and trend driven, introducing new styles in the store every week.The brand has journeyed through different style eras since then. It embraced the disco trend, the 80’s power suits and minimalism of the 90’s. And now, it is immersed in the luxury of the 00s, constantly celebrating the new and changing aspects of fashion.Cue continues to remain one of the most popular fashion brands of Australia (voted by Marie Claire readers). 

Cue AW.17

Cue is the original Australian creative. Designed and predominantly made in Australia. Fashioned from international luxury fabrics, shaped for modern lives. Rich in detail. Enduring and inspired. Cut to thrill.Style is built on opposites: pivotal pieces and wild cards, style rebels and trusted classics. Make the statement. Choose your moment.There is only one Cue. 

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