Marae Izakaya

Marae Izakaya

Location:Level 1


Flavour is our connection to food, fun, friends

Marae means 'unique' or 'rare' and lzakaya is a Japanese gastro-pub. Together, Marae lzakaya is a fine dining restaurant with a unique menu full of beautiful and mouth-watering surprises.

From the signature dish- a selection of nine flavours presented in a hand-crafted timber tray- to a grilled salmon smoked in natural wood paper, to hojicha gelato served in a timber sake cup and homemade soy sauce presented in individual syringes, each dish ignites the senses.

The interior design by Melbourne-based Kestie Lane Studio recalls home, with zones for casual seating, a sushi train, more formal dining and a bar with a sake master, as well as larger tables for special occasions.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is open, with chefs performing food theatre. A wall of hand-made fish-scale tiles references the food, with other beautiful finishes including brass, natural wood, marble and porcelain tile, while green cracked tiles reference the qualities of a traditional Japanese teapot

A unique experience, Marae lzakaya is a place to connect with food, fun and friends.