Location: Ground Level


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P: (03) 9568 0128www.tilkah.com.au


Tilkah is an Australian boutique that has an exclusive boutique store in the luxury precinct on the ground floor at Chadstone. The brand is known for luxury leather products and jewellery for women who like their accessories to be feminine yet a bit edgy.  The story of Tilkah started a little over a decade ago, when Natalie Coyle, the brain behind the brand, decided to indulge full time in her passion for beauty and quality. Since the time of its inception, the brand has evolved, and so have Natalie and her designs. She started the brand because she believed that women who like premium accessories and jewellery should be able to get exactly what they are looking for without any compromises. The result? The shimmering and beautiful world of Tilkah and its boutiques came into existence. The brand started off with signature collections of leather bags and accessories, along with carefully designed pieces of jewellery.  Tilkah retails a wide range of high quality and unique products, all designed for women to make them feel more beautiful and special. The boutiques themselves are pieces of art that invite you in for a premium shopping experience every time. Tilkah stores are magical and breath taking, a wonderland of their own.

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