Pressed Juices

Pressed Juices

Location: Lower Ground


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The modern lifestyle is constantly changing and we are changing with it. Founded on the principle that we need simple, effective ways of nourishing our bodies, Pressed Juices creates a no fuss, no mess solution to health and vitality. Pressed Juices develops cold pressed juices, smoothies, organic elixirs and nut mylks that deliver essential vitamins and minerals to fuel active bodies. Formulated by qualified Nutritionists, Pressed Juices are 100% natural and 100% made fresh every day. No additives or preservatives; just raw, natural produce straight from the farm to the bottle. We do not pasteurize, meaning we sustain the integrity of our juice and the valuable raw and living nutrients and enzymes available.Our mission is to provide the highest quality, healthiest, safest, and most nutritious juices to our customers. We value being experts of health and nutrition, and pride ourselves in empowering others make healthier choices. We encourage you to take health into your own hands, think about what you are putting into your body, and experience what it feels like to be truly nourished and satiated.  Drinking our fresh Pressed Juices will provide an instant nutrient and sustained energy hit. Give your body the tools to heal and thrive, deal with stress or illness, sleep better, and feel more dynamic and energized with Pressed Juices. Packed with a multitude of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other plant nutrients, Pressed Juices is simply the best way of getting the ‘good stuff’. We are all about real; we are all about Positively Life Changing.

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