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Oxford, as a fashion brand, has been a favourite among its patrons primarily due to its creative designs and progressive nature. Today, Oxford is celebrated for its contemporary approach to fashion. A typical Oxford store boasts an extensive collection of fine clothing that is perfect for both men and women.  At the Oxford store, Men have the luxury of choosing anything from t-shirts to brilliantly tailored suits. For women, Oxford offers everything from a charming line of dresses to suits and pants that channel the confidence and determination of today’s working woman. Oxford’s clothing line exudes uniqueness and individuality, which are qualities that also transcend into the brand’s range of fashion accessories. Above all, Oxford’s products offer excellent value without compromising on quality or design. However, Oxford doesn’t draw the line with high quality products. The brand also believes in exceptional service and achieves it by creating a welcoming atmosphere in its stores and hiring only the best.  You can get a taste of Oxford's offerings at Chadstone. You can find it on ground level, located close to the Target car park.