Location: Ground Level


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Metalicus is a unique Australian fashion brand for women and has an exclusive store on the ground floor at Chadstone. The store retails the entire product line of the brand, from clothing to accessories and uses various fabrics and textures. Metalicus was born in 1992 all thanks to its founder Melma Hamersfeld. She is a designer from Melbourne who started experimenting with stretchy materials to create outerwear for women. This experiment started the journey of Metalicus and one of its most popular products, the Bodytight, which continues to grow and evolve today. Along with this stretchy fabric that has been a constant in their seasonal collections, they also use cotton blends and nylon knits, created in-house and completely organic. The cotton is never bleached and all the dyes used for their products are those that have minimal environmental impact. They also use fine wool and close knits that are cosy and comfortable. The brand has created a number of unique fabric blends that are comfortable, stylish and one of a kind.  Metalicus has a range of products exclusively designed for women of all ages. Their clothing collections include dresses, skirts, cardigans and knitwear, among other products. They also have a number of accessories like scarves and belts to go with their unique clothing collections.