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Furuta Matcha House

Furuta Matcha House

Location:Lower Ground

Level: Lower Ground


With the attitude that deliciousness makes part of a nourished life and the belief in the health benefits brought about by the primitive ingredients from the ancient eastern world, Furuta Dessert House is dedicated to enrich your body and spirit by sharing our selective range of oriental beverages and desserts with you.

If you are a matchaholic, our menu with a primary range of matcha-based options must be your first choice at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Matcha, a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea, is originated from ancient Asia. Every sip of matcha tea is a mega dose of antioxidants. Come and grab a drink or dessert from our signature matcha series to entertain your taste buds with a delicate balance between the matcha bitterness and a refreshing sweetness. While you are satisfying your matcha craze, it will detoxify your body and enhance your mood at the same time.

For tea lovers, you will definitely discover something you are fond of at our store as we are renowned for our mindfully crafted ice tea and milk tea series as well. In addition, we also provide a range of smoothies and frappes made with freshly squeezed juices, certainly a delightful pick for fruit addicts.