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Dangerfield offers the best picks of clothes and accessories for fashionable men and women who like their style with a little bit of edge. The Dangerfield store at Chadstone brings to you, the widest collection of shirts bottoms, dresses, accessories and more. Your choices range from casual outfits to dressier, more elite products. Brands at Dangerfield include the original Dangerfield label, as well as, a range of popular local and international brands such as St. Lenny, Black Friday, Pulp Kitchen, Revival, and Princess Highway. Dangerfield was established in 1988 and started out as a small boutique in Greville Street in the neighborhood of Prahran in Melbourne. Today, it has over 50 different stores located in prime sectors of Melbourne, Perth, New South Wales, Adelaide, Queensland, Canberra, and Hobart. The label is clearly directed towards alternative fashion, which is evident in the unique cuts, prints, designs, styles, materials and colours stocked at Dangerfield stores. However, what sets it apart from other alternative fashion brands is the juxtaposition of alternative and accepted. Dangerfield balances quirky with classy, eccentric with the mainstream, hipster with vintage, and original with popular. Most of the products at Dangerfield are targeted for the young at heart. Shoppers come to Dangerfield because they want outfits and accessories that don't make them look like every other person walking down the street, without looking too edgy either. In the Dangerfield store at Chadstone, you will find the complete range of products for your entire wardrobe. The printed T-shirts from Dangerfield have particularly been a crowd-favourite. The ones with internet memes and pop culture references printed on them are particularly quick to disappear from the racks. Other unique clothing styles popular at Dangerfield include punk, rockabilly, indie and vintage. Winter coats are another crowd-pleasing item at Dangerfield.