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Australian Geographic opened up a world of fact and learning to its customers with its interesting and inspiring store, since it first opened in 1991. Known more famously as the bi-monthly magazine, rich is the geographical content about the Australian continent. Australian Geographic helped people learn more about the continent, its people, and its flora and fauna through its high quality pictures, and magnificent maps. Each edition of the magazine also included a sheet map, which made it all the more famous. The success of the magazines enabled the storefront to utilise its popularity and bring the geography and learning of the Australian continent and the world as a whole to the next level. It did so by introducing a wide range of educational and informational toys and games based on science and nature. The store has something for everyone. You can find something interesting and intellectually enriching for everyone. Kids can take a pick from the subject of their choice be it dinosaurs, astronomy, gadgets, or crafts, and even magic tricks puzzles and science games. If you are an adult looking to enrich your knowledge about the geography of Australia, the world or to know more about the outer space, look no more as the store brings to you some mental stimulation in the form of Australian Geographic - the magazine subscription, books, family puzzles, maps, and some state-of-the-art binoculars. If you are a stargazer or an astronomy aficionado, the Australian Geographic store at Chadstone is the place to get yourself the best telescopes you will ever come across. Not only that, you can bring home your very own weather station. Another unique element of the store would be its Aboriginal tools that let you make your own aboriginal art. The store is your one-stop-shop for perfect gifting solutions for kids and adults who would love to explore the beauty of science and nature.