Meet Kookai Stylists, Hayley & Claire


We spotted two ambassadors from homegrown label Kookai and invited them to shared their best styling tips and how the classics are being redefined with soft fabrics and metal accents. 

Seasoned Kookai ambassador Hayley has been part of the team for over 3 years and likes to add a street edge to her look. Claire, who joined the team in December last year, casually takes her look from day to night.

Discover their style, must-have accessories and favourite items for the season.


What’s your essential pick this season at Kookai?

Hayley: A leather jacket, called the Willow Jacket. It’s a bit more of a 'biker feel' jacket with some cool shoulder details and silver studs. Very much my style. You can really dress it up, or dress it down.

Claire: The Merino turtle neck. The fabric is so thin and beautiful. Perfect for layering or pairing with a leather jacket.

What's your favourite styling tip?

Hayley: A pair of heeled boots. It gives every outfit a bit of an edge. 

Claire: Adding a bodysuit to any skirt, short, or pant to dress it up.

Top 5 favourite items?


  • Perfect Polo - signature Merino Wool long sleeve top
  • Denmark City Coat - the classic and timeless silhouette coat in Camel 
  • New Jersey Skirt - natural leather skirt, a wardrobe essential
  • Boa Top - a neutral snakeskin-like print top 
  • Tali Boot - crafted from stretch suede, this thigh high boot is the statement of the season


  • Jennifer Turtle Neck - a timeless wool and alpaca blend knit
  • Chenoa Skirt - bold mid length skirt with deep hues of navy and berry reds
  • Perfect Polo - signature Merino Wool long sleeve top
  • Alessandria Blouse - New York boho inspired blouse in a boxy style silhouette 
  • Tali Boot - crafted from stretch suede, this thigh high boot is the statement of the season
Claire holding the One Shoulder Long Sleeve Bodysuit
The Rome Earrings
Hayley holding the Prague Boot

Describe your style when you’re not working?

Hayley: Mix & match. A little more casual, but I wear a lot of the same things at work and at home. Maybe pair some sneakers with an outfit to dress it down.

Claire: My style is probably more casual, but since I’m always dressed up for work I carry that all the way through my everyday fashion.


What's one item we should be splurging on this season?

Hayley: Lafayette Leather Jacket. It's a dressier type of leather jacket that shapes in the waist. Very flattering & a wardrobe staple you’ll have for many years.

Claire: I have to say a leather jacket or maybe even a shearling jacket like the Bentley Shearling Jacket. 

Claire wears the Flyer Leather Jacket
The Lola Earrings
Hayley holding the Willow Jacket

What's one accessory that you can’t live without?

Hayley: Hoops. The bigger the better.

Claire: The Cleo Earring. I’m loving how pearls are coming back in.

Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram for style inspiration?

Hayley: @emdavies. She doesn’t always wear things I would wear, but I just love her confidence. She has fun with her style and I really enjoying seeing what she wears. I also love the hair and make-up looks she pulls together, they’re fun and out of the box. I love how she just goes for it.

Claire: @tashoakley. I love her beachy, dressy style. She has a beautiful figure which is really relatable. I just love seeing how she dresses and what she pairs together.


Who are your style icons?

Hayley: Rhianna – she’s so confident in her style. When you love what you’re wearing, no one can tell you that you look bad. She loves everything she wears, goes for different styles and I really love what she puts together.

Claire: Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn, I love their old school style and the fashion back then.

What's the best thing about working at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital?

Hayley: There’s everything here! I can find anything I need on my break like make-up or boots or accessories. It's great. 

Claire: There’s too many! Just the numerous stores, being so close to so much fashion and the layout is just so convenient for shopping.

Hayley's style icon, Rihanna | Source: @badgirlriri
Claire's style icon, Twiggy | Source: Marie Claire
Claire's style icon, Audrey Hepburn | Source: Elle Magazine