Meet street wear fanatics, Danii and Jordan from Culture Kings 


We spotted two ambassadors from the street wear giant Culture Kings and asked for their take on the biggest street, sport and sneaker trends. 

Store Manager Danii has been with the team now for 2 years and favours her alternative style and vibes tech wear mixed with street wear. While Assistant Store Manager Jordan completely embodies street from his clothing to his lifestyle with over 2 years at the Chadstone store.

Find out why Culture Kings is labelled the holy grail of street wear and discover how music and sport inspires Danii and Jordan's unique style. 

Danii & Jordan

What’s an essential piece for the season from Culture Kings?

Danii: I’d say a hoodie – we actually have a cool promotion surrounding all our hoodies at the moment called ‘Home of the Hoodies’. Perfect for winter.

Jordan: Either a vest or a bomber jacket for layering - it’s too cold in Melbourne.


What is your favourite styling tip?

Danii: I’m a big fan of belts, chains and bum bags. Add them to any outfit to make it pop.

Jordan: Learning the best way to tightly cuff your jeans so that you show off your shoes.


Jordan with the Champion Logo Hoodie
Culture Kings famous sneaker wall
Danii at the accessories wall holding up a tech wear chest plate

Name one item to splurge on this season?

Danii: Hyped limited-edition Jordan’s which launch every Saturday. They’re a real collector’s piece.

Jordan: The anti-order watch. A great time piece and you can change the face of the watch.


Top 5 favourite items from Culture Kings?

Danii & Jordan

  • Ripped Carré Jeans - lux street style collection of jeans which are exclusive to Culture Kings. 
  • Anti-Order Sneaker Pant - really comfy and on trends multi-wear, unisex pants.
  • Denim Sherpa Jacket - a popular piece for winter.
  • Nike Airforce 1 - this is such a classic sneaker. Wear it with anything.
  • New Era 9/40 A-frame hats - this style of hat was actually created the Culture King owner, so the style is exclusive to Culture Kings.
The original New Era 9/40 A-frame hats, exclusive to Culture Kings
The Anti-order watch
Jordan with the Denim Sherpa Jacket

What is your style when you’re not working?

Danii: A bit alternative. My style is a mix of street wear and tech wear.

Jordan: Lazy – I like to dress for comfort. But I like nice branded hoodies, sneakers and trackies.


What has been your favourite sneaker drop at Culture Kings?

Danii: Jordan One North Carolina - they're a limited, female only sneaker.

Jordan: Nike Triple Black Vapormax Plus sneaker.

'Home of the Hoodies' rack
One of Culture Kings most popular sneakers, the Nike Airforce 1's

What’s your favourite era of sportswear or streetwear, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s or now?

Danii: Now – I’m into all the tech wear and street wear that’s around now.

Jordan: Definitely ‘90s – I loved all the super cool coloured retro spray jackets.


Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram for style inspiration?

Danii: @scarlxrd – I follow a lot of techno and screamo rappers from the UK and the states. I really vibe with their style.

Jordan: @balenciagaNot one person, but I love all the alternative outfits that Balenciaga post. 


What is the best thing about working at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital? 

Danii: All the different customers we get in – we have such a variety of customers that come to Culture Kings to shop, attend appearances or use our Barber.

Jordan: I’d say the opportunity to meet famous people when they drop in to shop or have appearances at the store. We’ve had Ben Simmons, Lil Yachty and Anderson Silver in before.