Chadstone Introduces Changing Places Facility

The bathrooms on the ground level near Robinsons Bookshop reopened early July with updated facilities including Chadstone's first Changing Places facility and a Quiet Room.

A Changing Places facility provides full sized change tables and hoists to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities. The inclusion of this facility will make a huge difference to the accessibility of Chadstone to a number of our visitors. For access, customers can enquire with Chadstone Reception at (03) 9563 3355.

The Quiet Room has been created as an option for customers with various requirements, to allow them a little distance from the noise of the centre. For example, families with autistic children can use the space for a quick break and customers can utilise the room for prayer throughout the day. Please note this room is not to be used as a meeting or break room for staff, as this disadvantages the people who have true requirement of this space.

The Parents Room includes a family bathroom, nursing rooms and a play area with non-recorded video footage (so parents can supervise their other children in the play area while nursing).

The opening of these facilities is an exciting milestone for Chadstone and we recommend having a quick look when you're next in the fresh food precinct.

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