3rd July - 31st July 2018


Forget Ha Long Bay and the Mekong Delta, Roll'd are introducing Vietnam's true wonder of the world, Phở.

Phở is a noodle soup embodying the rich flavour and light texture that characterises Vietnamese cuisine. This winter, you can get your frost-bitten hands on a warm bowl of Seafood Phở, delish Flaming Prawns and a 600mL Cool Ridge Spring Water (trust'll need it) for just $16.

PLUS in September, Roll'd will be sharing snippets of their recipe with a few lucky ducks in an intimate cooking class with their CEO and Co-Founder Bao Hoang, his mother Mama Hoang and Roll'd Food Director and Michelin star chef, Jonathan Alston. Winners will be flown to Melbourne for this exclusive chance to become a Phở connoisseur. To enter, simply register by purchasing this Phở meal deal and enter your details and receipt number here.

Try Vietnam's soul in a bowl at Roll'd Chadstone today.


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