14th November - 24th December 2016


For the first time ever, the whole range is self-preserving! Clever innovation has seen formulas finely tuned to balance water levels or replace preservatives with a natural alternative. Lush  also have the usual solid offerings, which don’t need packaging or preservatives, especially important at this time of year with the festive gift-giving frenzy!

What is self-preserving?
The key to creating products that preserve themselves is reducing the amount of free water inside them. Doing this isn’t as simple as not putting water into the formulation. Lush's inventors have to carefully assess each product individually and decide what effects, textures and smells they want or need to keep in the final product.

Lush use beautiful natural ingredients to self-preserve formulations and help keep bacteria at bay. Clay, calamine, talc and kaolin work hard to absorb any excess water, and we add salt, which is alkaline, to some products, because bacteria can only survive in acidic conditions.

More than 70% of LUSH products are self-preserving, which means that they don’t need to add any synthetic preservatives to keep them fresh. This is because they have been expertly formulated and balanced to create an environment which inhibits bacterial growth.

All raw materials and essential oils are ethically sourced; our packaging is recycled and recyclable; the papers and ribbons have been sourced from community projects around the world; nothing is tested on animals; and we have a large selection of vegan options.

Now available at LUSH Chadstone now until 25th December.”

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