News| 21st July 2022
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Sephora HQ’s Hair Heroes

There’s no better time than now to care for your hair again, especially since social outings and making an appearance in the office is back. Need some new hair heroes for your dull, tired locks? We’ve scouted for the best manes in the game at Sephora HQ. Below, read all about the products Team Sephora is loving at the moment.

Meet The Team


Claudia, Social Media Team

Virtue Labs Recovery Shampoo + Conditioner $56.00

I have really curly hair and always struggled to find products that suit my hair type, but the Virtue Recovery range has been my go-to for the past 2 years and when it comes to my hair, I'm extremely picky! The shampoo is a concentrated formula, so you only need a tiny amount to create a beautiful lather that deeply cleanses the hair without stripping it. The conditioner repairs and hydrates without adding extra weight to the hair. This power duo completely transformed my hair from being dry and damaged after a botched bleaching job, to healthy luscious curls.

JVN Complete Instant Recovery Heat Protectant Leave-In Serum $43.00

I have never fallen in love with a product so fast, but this guy deserves all the hype! It has a beautiful lightweight consistency that effortlessly glides through the hair to detangle. It leaves your hair super soft and shiny but what really won me over was how well this product hydrated my hair and combated frizz which is a massive yes for us curly hair girls. With added heat protection it's the perfect pre-styling product. Can't recommend this product enough!

Lauren, Marketing Team

Virtue Labs Flourish Density Booster $71.00

I naturally have thin and fragile hair but since using the Flourish Density Booster my hair has been thriving. I have been noticing more hair growth, particularly around my hairline. I apply the product daily directly to my scalp. I love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling or looking greasy in any way. I have tried so many products for hair growth and the Density Booster has been by far the best, with the quickest results. I am excited to see the long term results.

OLAPLEX No.9 $50.00

If there’s one non-negotiable when it comes to my hair heroes, it’s heat protectant. I love the lightweight formula of Olaplex No.9 because it doesn’t weigh down my thin hair. This product not only protects against heat, but also environmental pollutants which is a bonus. A little goes a long way, I use one pump on damp hair before blow drying. After drying, I often find I don’t need to do anything else due to the product giving my hair a satin shine finish.

Andrea, Customer Service Team

OLAPLEX No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner $54.00

Constantly bleaching and colouring my hair means I have to take extra care of my hair to prevent damage. My hair is naturally wavy, with voluminous frizz! To help control my frizz on hair wash days, after shampoo, I use the OLAPLEX No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. The trick is to leave it in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off, I can instantly feel how it nourishes the ends of my hair. Whether I air or blow dry my hair, this conditioner helps me brush through easily, with a gorgeous shine.

ALTERNA My Hair My Canvas Easy Does It Air Dry Balm $35.00

Before I do any styling, I reach for my ALTERNA My Hair My Canvas Easy Does It Air Dry Balm. This vegan formula smells divine and helps tame my dry ends, it works great for all styles, and it is safe for my coloured hair. I love to spread the balm through my hair with a detangling brush for a straight finish or scrunch my hair with the balm for a wavy look.

Cat, Ecommerce Team

Bread Hair Oil Every Day Gloss $37.00

This really is the everyday hair gloss, as there are so many different ways to work it into your routine! Between washes, I rub some between my palms and scrunch the ends of my curls where they are getting a bit dry to make them shiny and bring them back to life. For daily use, it’s handy to smooth down any frizz or flyaways and before washing when my hair is feeling dull, I love to coat the ends of my hair and let it soak overnight. The smell is also incredible.

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream $54.00

This product is a necessity for defining and enhancing curls. When my hair is wet, I coat it in the cream and then comb it through with my fingers or a wide toothed comb for separation, scrunching the ends with my fingers for further definition. It’s so hydrating and really aids in taming frizz, as well as having the iconic Moroccan oil scent that is so delicious.

Shop for hair care as unique as you are at Sephora Chadstone.
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