Secrets Shhh

news| 6th July 2019
Secrets Shhh

July at Secrets Shhh is all about indulging women’s desire to own and wear beautiful, on-trend jewellery, which makes us feel good and look good every day.

We’ve taken inspiration from fashion-forward US and Europe, where the whole aesthetic of jewellery layering is steadily trending.

This month, we highlight three distinctive looks: bold, boho and minimal, to show you how easy it is to create luxe layers. These on-trend looks are just a small taste of what’s possible at Secrets. We’re big on personalisation, and with literally hundreds of iconic jewellery designs, gold colours and stone cuts to choose from, the possibilities are (almost) limitless when it comes to exploring and defining your individual Secrets style.

Not only is our jewellery irresistible, so too are our credit terms. You literally can ‘have it all’ starting from $4.98 per day, which is equivalent to the average daily coffee spend. What better excuse to indulge your penchant for fine and fashion jewellery?

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