Mad Mex

news| 1st July 2019
Mad Mex

Mad Mex are turning up the heat with their new Poco Diablo Spicy Chicken & Spicy Vegan Fillings.

I'ts well and truly winter time, so what better way to warm your taste buds than with the delicious new Poco Diablo filling launching Tuesday 2nd July.

Translating to 'little devil', the Poco Diablo Chicken is packed full of spices to give it that little bit of heat - it's perfect for adding a little spice for the little devil in all of us.

And that's not all...

In an industry first, Mad Mex are very proud to announce that Poco Diablo will also be available as a non-meat filling option. The same great taste that offers a vegan option for customers, dairy and gluten free!

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