Christian Louboutin

news| 23rd April 2019
Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin introduces Run Loubi Run with a women’s collection bound to redefine what a luxury sneaker is.

For almost three decades, Louboutin shoes proudly displaying the savoir-faire have been making history. Shaking things up, Christian Louboutin brings his signature craftsmanship on to new urban grounds. On red carpets or on the go, the Louboutin sneakers make unforgettable fashion statements in every day life


See the unexpected

Recognizable with their sleek silhouette, the new styles boast innovative neoprene socks coming in a signature palette of silver, black, deep red and white shades. For unstoppable women, thick technical soles boost the sneakers for comfort with an edge. Pure pulsing power, they are ready to tread the city.

Casualness is trendy, but with Christian Louboutin, one thing is certain: urban doesn’t mean plain. With cheeky enthusiasm, he crafted the most refined uppers: glittery leathers and satin for the elegance, neon hues for the fun. Sneakers don’t have to be basic; get your shot of overflowing optimism with combinations of wild colours and mixed materials!


Feel the unprecedented

In the pure tradition of the Maison Louboutin, each style is the result of an encounter between Christian’s creative flair and the finest craftsmanship.

Details do make the difference. Tone-on-tone or sparkling, Christian’s iconic spikes introduce sophistication in the urban world. Across all styles, the Christian Louboutin savoir-faire also resonates through delicate features such as hand-applied crystals. Fully covered in them, the latest Marie Jane bag makes a perfect match to balance that casual look. Urban and glamour finally found each other!


With emphasis put on the tiny details that separate good from great, the collection showcases Christian’s passion. The Red Runner style speaks for it: its bursting colours and uncountable details pave the way for trendy adventures. Be prepared!

The Run Loubi Run collection for women is available at the Chadstone Christian Louboutin Boutique now.

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