news| 6th January 2017

This season Trenery have partnered with a studio in the West Bengal region of India to produce a unique range of hand block printed designs using traditional Khadi cotton.

Perfect for summer this six-piece, limited edition capsule includes sleeveless shirt dresses and relaxed tops for women and a short sleeved shirt for men. Head of Design, Jane Grimme said she loved the idea of reinterpreting prints using authentic, handmade textiles, while supporting the work of artisans at the Tharangini studio. “We began with the inspiration of prints sourced from vintage archives, and then worked with the artisans to interpret the designs into block prints,” Jane says.

“The technique of making these patterns is so involved – it can take up to 10 days to engrave the wood blocks. Each piece has its own unique character because the printing process is literally done by hand. “Using Khadi cotton as a base meant that we had a beautiful, fine, lightweight fabric to work with, that honoured the traditional methods of spinning and weaving cotton.”

Tharangini studio in Bangalore was founded in the 1970s by artist Lakshmi Srivathsa and is now run by daughter, Padmini who heads a team of artisans, including master block printers, wood block carvers and organic colour experts. The studio’s philosophy is to employ and upskill as many craftspeople as possible, with senior artisans mentoring outreach groups to inspire a new generation of artisans.

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