news| 7th November 2018

R.M.Williams latest burnished collection reflects the shimmering silver-grey tones of the saltbush and the striking dark olive of the majestic paperbark tree.

This season they are proud to introduce three new colours to our iconic burnished range, Mahogany, Olive and Grey, all inspired by the unique Australian landscape.

The Australian elements showcase a range of beautiful shades which has continued to be the inspiration behind the growing colour palette for our entire burnished collection.

Burnishing is an artisanal process that is designed to bring out the richness and true characteristics of leather, the depth of colour and the unique highs and lows. In order to elevate our burnished collection and take it to a new place, they partnered with Duilio Girotti, based outside of Rome. He spent a month working with R.M.Williams craftspeople, imparting his knowledge and expertise in burnishing.

Seeing how their master craftspeople have adapted this organic burnishing process to a piece of leather is where the beauty really shows. Every pair of boots are passed through 80 pairs of hands during the making process, which means that no two pairs are ever the same.

R.M.Williams burnished boots are as unique as the Australian landscape that has helped shape them; a truly handcrafted boot that will last a lifetime.

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