news| 13th March 2018

Tokyo-based artist Yuko Higuchi has acquired a reputation, largely online, as a creator of bizarre and whimsical works, featuring characters that evoke the surreal spirit of Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland, or a dark Beatrix Potter.

The Luxury House has collaborated with Higuchi to incorporate her designs into its spring/summer 2018 childrenswear collection – here the starring animal is the cat. The imagery appears on a large variety of pieces, including sleep suits, jackets, T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, knitwear, hats, hairbands, swimwear and shoes. There are even bibs and blankets decorated with Higuchi’s distinctive designs, and for older children, a range of leather backpacks and totes that also feature her work.

Yuko Higuchi says, “In the past couple of years I have often visited Gucci store windows as a source of inspiration for my work. So, when I was asked to create original illustrations for the House, I felt it was a dream come true. I felt greatly honoured. I often get ideas from looking at antiques and old things, and I have the sense that in this respect my aesthetic taste is similar to that of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director.”

The Yuko Higuchi items are available at Gucci Chadstone now.

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