Secrets Shhh

news| 4th March 2018
Secrets Shhh

Designed for the discerning millennium bride, the Secrets Shhh bridal jewellery is always beautiful. Luxurious, desirable, ethical and always on-trend, our Secrets collection is continually evolving, just like our customers. From classic favourites to fashion colours, our jewellery designs appeal to everyone from the bride and groom to the mother-of-the-bride, the maid of honour and bridesmaids, right down to the flower girls.

An engagement ring undeniably is the one piece of jewellery that defines a woman’s style. And just as every woman is different, Secrets has myriad designs ranging from classic solitaires to simulated morganite and pink diamond engagement rings, which are very en vogue right now.

The wonderful thing is: their 14-carat and 10-carat gold engagement rings literally don’t cost the earth. Brides can feel confident knowing their Secrets ‘rock’ hasn’t been mined from the ground. Our diamond simulants are laboratory grown from the cubic crystalline form of zirconium oxide, resulting in the finest colour, internally perfect, D, E, F (graded) stones. Cut to the same exacting standards as a diamond for maximum fire and brilliance, every Secrets diamond simulant is so perfectly brilliant that the naked eye cannot tell the difference between it and a mined diamond. 

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