Skin and Threads

news| 6th August 2017
Skin and Threads

Journalist, author and founder of her own skin care line, to name only a few of her accomplishments, Zoë Foster Blake has partnered with  Skin and Threads on a seventeen piece capsule collection. 

Inspired by a sense of fun, novelty, colour and effervescence in her own clothing, Zoë has been wearing the label for years and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate,“Skin and Threads offered me the chance to do anything - ANYTHING - in our collaboration and I was sure my taste would be too fruity. But no! I was given total freedom to have my ideas sartorially realised!”

The result is a vibrant collection referencing Zoë’s favourite foods, animals and sense of humour - titled, Iced ZoZo, the collection features designs referencing the late 80’s and early 90’s. “I selfishly made the collection something I would want to wear,” she said, “here’s hoping my love of bright colours, lobsters and hot chips translates.” And who could resist the Glitter Chips Tee, a classic white t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Chips’ in red glitter, which reference Zoë fondness for the hot, take-away variety.

With strong Australian undertones, the collection includes an intarsia merino sweater in fiery red, featuring a large cockatoo. “Cockatoos are my good luck omen,” Zoë explained, “I will be wearing that jumper to important meetings for decades to come.” Other references to Australia include the Southern Skies Shirt, a monochrome silk shirt featuring tiny Southern Cross stars emblazoned all over, and the Melbourne At Night Logo Tee.

The Melbourne based author did not just limit herself to the design of the collection, Zoë was also hands on as Creative Director of the campaign. The elevated campaign features model, Sophie ‘Hirschy’ Hirschfelder and was shot by Bec Parsons and styled by Caterina Scardino.

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