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news|8th July 2020
The Body Shop

Wave goodbye to dry skin. Help protect your hands, face and body from the elements with The Body Shop's soothing and nourishing Hemp range. 

Say hello to happy, hydrated hands! As you all know, it's so important to keep your hands clean, but all that washing can leave them feeling dry and sore. Take the time to nourish them with the Hemp Hand Protector, it will keep very dry hands nourished and protected for up to 24 hours!

In the mood for some selfcare? The Hemp Overnight Nourishing Mask is going to work hard to make skin feel softer and comforted while you're catching some Zzzz's 

Or meet the NEW HEMP ADDITION! Scrub in the new Hemp Hard-Working Hand Scrub, it's all about gentle exfoliation plus a big hug of hydration. Pair with the iconic Hemp Hand Protector for an even bigger nourishing hit.

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