Tailor Made Experience Under the Gridshell Roof

news| 9th May 2017
Tailor Made Experience Under the Gridshell Roof

Look up and be captivated by our mesmerising new gridshell roof – the first of its kind in Australia. The distinctive free spanning gridshell roof will encapsulate new international flagship stores, more than 60 new retail stores, a new dining terrace and food gallery, and a new state-of-the-art HOYTS cinema complex. The iconic gridshell structure is based on a lattice framework which derives its strength from its double curvature. From London to Germany, then the Czech Republic to Australia, the impressive gridshell design and development displays the collaboration of some of the best architects and engineers from around the world. There are 2,700 quadrilateral, square and rectangular unique glass panels of variable size, collectively weighing more than 500 tonnes, which have been seamlessly mapped and placed to complete the iconic roof structure. So, pull up a chair under, or simply wander through, this lightfilled and enchanting new space at Chadstone - The Fashion Capital


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