Colonial Fresh Market

news|17th April 2020
Colonial Fresh Market

Mix it up for your next date night or family feast and serve up the ultimate grazing platter.

Not sure what to add?
Discover these tips for the perfect platter that will suit everyone and stock up on all your favourites from Colonial Fresh Market.


  • Find a nice board or platter or start building right on the table with some baking paper as the base
  • Start your platter with all your favourite cheeses, dips and deli meats. Choose a tasty variety of textures and flavours to cater to everyone
  • Build around your platter with a variety of crackers, biscuits, pretzels, nuts, olives. Add some quince paste for a nice mix of sweet & salty.
  • Add some freshness to the table with fruit or vegetables such as passionfruit, carrots, strawberries, grapes, dried apricots or cherry tomatoes.
  • For the full platter experience, add some dessert style treats to your board with chocolate, nougat, cookies or even some dipping sauce for the fruit.




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