news|3rd March 2020

When seeking inspiration for the CAMILLA AW20 Then, Now, Ever After collection, founder and creative director of her iconic namesake brand, Camilla Franks, explored another world.

As a poetic and serene venture of escapism in the absence of physical travel due to medical treatment grounding the designer on home soil in 2018, Franks looked upwards and inwards to the wonders of the zodiac, folklore,

ancient history and fairy tales.

Finding solace in the pages of ancient, bounded books, it was here that Camilla discovered her muses and invoked their magic.


The AW20 Then, Now, Ever After collection is split into two parts.

Part 1

Currently in store, is inspired by mythical creatures. Deep down the rabbit hole and into a world of fairy tale reverie.

Part 2

Launching towards the end of March, features peculiar characters in the most fanciful situations.

Rich with chaos, beauty and illusion, the scenes that unfold pay tribute to the tales entrenched deep within our memories since youth.


CAMILLA’s latest print release Forever Far, is a preview into the narrative behind the second part of CAMILLA’s Then, Now, Ever After collection.

This is the first time CAMILLA has previewed a print from an upcoming drop in advance.

“We accept the irrational elements of fairy tales, succumbing to their beckon. Again and again, we want to know what happens to Cinderella, to Rapunzel, to Rumpelstiltskin – they speak to the innate and insatiable curiosity inside us all.”

The 12 piece preview capsule collection of Forever Far is a CAMILLA retail exclusive, sold exclusively in CAMILLA boutiques from Tuesday 25th February.

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