news|18th November 2019

Our First Stone capsule collection is our first step towards more responsible and eco-friendly fashion.

“First Stone” is first and foremost a new way to make our jeans. Why jeans? Because they are the item of clothing which causes the most pollution and which must therefore be dealt with urgently. These jeans are washed using sustainable methods, replacing conventional techniques with an eco-friendly proces*. This new technique results in a significant decrease in energy and chemical use, reducing water consumption up to 95%.

This commitment is about sharing rather than a brand message.

It’s a discussion.

In order to share our first step with humility and transparency, we wanted to start a conversation with modern influential young women who inspire us by their creativity and commitment.

Sincere, solar, humble and natural, Michaëla Thomsen, Nuria val and Bianca Valle shared with us their own “First Stones” on the path towards eco-responsibility.

*Made possible with Jeanologia technology.

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