news|30th August 2019

MUJI is not simply just a collection of products within a retail store; we try to consider everyone from all walks of life (including Chadstone Shopping Centre’s customer demographic) and their respective lifestyles, with the purpose of helping with the community’s wellbeing and future growth.

For someone who has not visited a MUJI store before, our stores endeavour to fit into a mix of lifestyle retailers as we cover men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing alongside travel items. We are also distinguished by our furniture, stationery, health & beauty ranges.


MUJI Books

Through MUJI Books, we carefully curate books that focuses on themes such as design, food, lifestyle, travel, education, entertainment and many others. We have always valued life’s simple pleasures and found that books play an important role in engaging. We hope to connect with consumers through these books and their stories.



MUJI Labo is a garments range that steers towards a free and creative approach to dressing. It is similar to the concept of a “capsule wardrobe” whereby all pieces from the range makes up a wardrobe that never goes out of trend. As of 2019, the MUJI Labo range is genderless and encompasses a wider size range to fit all body types.


Melbourne to Go

We are also introducing Melbourne to Go, a dedicated corner in the store that provides insightful information on “must-do” activities in Melbourne. Customers will be able to take away information sheets on exploration activities and sites to see in Melbourne and create their own travel guide essentially. We are keen to share our love for the city with customers but also welcome suggestions from them with open arms.



At the heart of our store lies our most exciting concept - Open MUJI which is a space that ignites conversations between customers and the brand; for them to learn and discuss ideas behind MUJI.

This space is more than just a way for customers to enjoy shopping, it also serves as a forum that forges ties and contributes to the local community. MUJI strives to support local groups by providing a platform for them to showcase their artistry through own workshops and exhibitions that share the essence of the brand.


Coffee Station

The Coffee Station within our new MUJI Chadstone store uses coffee beans from a local roaster, YourCoffee. YourCoffee is an innovative specialty coffee contract roasting facility in Brunswick, Melbourne. The organization sources coffee beans ethically from around the world and provides global traceability to maintain transparency from its suppliers through to its users.


Kids’ Play Area

Through our new Kids Play Area, we will also provide locally sourced toys to encourage children to play, explore and get lost in that space. These toys are educational, and they capture the essence of Melbourne City beautifully.  The toy company is best known for their iconic Melbourne Toy Tram, Toy Ferry and Toy Post Box which is part of their intention to keep the handwritten letter culture alive as it has fallen out of favour with today’s digitally geared society.

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