Recently, the fashion industry's most coveted Stylist, Elliot Garnaut, attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as Chadstone's style insider. Here, he talks about the trends on and off the runway, and recreates some of his favourite looks from some of our favourite brands at The Fashion Capital.


Oversized, Relaxed & Easy

One of the biggest trends of this season, the oversized look. Relaxed & easy - pair with a casual sneaker for the ultimate street look. GET THE LOOK: 1. Bag: TDE, Price: $349.95. 2. Top: INCU - Acne Studios, Price: $420.00. 3. Pants: INCU - Weathered, Price: $220.00. 4. Jacket: INCU - Acne Studios, Price: $930.00. 5. Shoes: INCU - Nike, Price: $230.00.


Boss Lady

This look will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Sharply tailored silhouettes - A key trend from this years' MBFW runway. Pair with a sophisticated bag to elevate your look. GET THE LOOK: 1. Bag: David Jones - Philip Lim, Price $945.00. 2. Top: David Jones - Bianca Spender, Price $465.00. 3. Pants: David Jones - Bianca Spender, Price $425.00. 4. Jacket: David Jones - Bianca Spender, Price $1,095.00. 5. Shoes: Zara, Price $129.00

Trend 3: Plaid

Effortlessly Cool, Day or Night

The reappearance of plaid - an iconic print for your winter statement. Incorporate subtly into your look or dress head to toe. GET THE LOOK: 1. Jacket: Zara, Price $139.00. 2. Skirt: Zara, Price $69.95. 3. Top: Zara, Price $39.95. 4. Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut - Off-white Collection, Price $219.00. 5. Boots: Zara, Price $69.95. 6. Bag: David Jones - Chloé, Price $2599.00.