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For 60 years, The Fashion Capital has ignited memorable stories, iconic moments and world-class experiences. Today, Chadstone is looking back on some of their customer’s favourite stories of special experiences at the centre over the years. Whether it was the purchase of a school formal dress, a first date at HOYTS Cinemas, the selection of milestone jewellery, or fond memories of Sundays spent shopping with their grandmother, Chadstone is taking a trip down memory lane and sharing why the landmark remains such a special place.

See below some of the customer memories shared with Chadstone, including a couple who met at Chadstone and visit the centre with their grandchildren today, a Chadstone employee of 35 years, one of the centre’s first paperboys and Chadstone’s very own Personal Stylist who has been visiting the centre since she was two years old.

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Introducing Chadstone 60 Year Ambassadors and Murrumbeena locals, Kaye and Graeme Andrew. Kaye and Graeme met at the State Bank of Australia at Chadstone in 1968 as junior tellers. Hiding their love affair from their colleagues for nearly 18 months, they married in August 1969. The pair often reminisce about some of their fondest memories shared at Chadstone. 50 years on, the couple, whose family has grown, are still visiting Chadstone today with their five grandchildren and forging new memories with the next generation.

Peter Sanguinetti

Meet Peter Sanguinetti, one of Chadstone’s first newspaper boys – employed at six years old. Peter’s father opened the centre’s first newsagency in 1960, when the centre opened its doors to the public.

“My father was quite ahead of his time, he organised a group, from memory it was about six or seven newspaper boys of local school kids, and created a particularly unique uniform for them, with a cap, and their job was to take the Herald Newspaper, which was the afternoon newspaper at the time, around the shopping centre. Going into every shop and trying to sell as many newspapers as we could, between about four o’clock and four thirty every day, Monday to Friday,” explains Peter.

The Sanguinetti’s life was all about Chadstone in the 60s, they lived two hundred metres from the centre, went to school in Chadstone, completed their shopping at the centre, learnt how to drive in the car park and of course, worked at the destination.

“It was a very important part of my life and my brother’s life, on all aspects. Particularly the working side in Chadstone was a great foundation, I think it helped us develop a really good work ethic. You know, dealing with customers, how to run a business, it was a great experience and one that certainly I’ll never forget.”

To this day, Peter has kept a large amount of Chadstone memorabilia, including newspaper clippings from his time at the centre, the original newspaper boy uniform, his leather coin collection bag, and photographs of his Father’s store.

Hear more memories from Peter’s newspaper boy days in the video below.

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Working at Chadstone for 35 years, Susie Bajjali is the ultimate Chadstone ambassador. Starting at Myer in the lay-by department, Susie then moved to selling tickets and then switchboard work at the department store. From Myer, Susie transitioned to a role at David Jones and then to Chadstone Centre Management, where she has been the receptionist for 12 years. From answering calls to assisting customers with queries and raising Chadstone Gift Cards, Susie loves interacting with customers on a daily basis.

Chadstone holds a special place in Susie’s heart, it is not only where she has been working for the past three decades, but also where she met her husband, purchased her engagement outfit, and now bring her children to shop the centre.

“Hubby would finish working and then come straight to Myer to see me, to woo me. Each visit he would bring me either; a box of chocolates, perfume or flowers,” says Susie. “I think my love of Chadstone has rubbed off on my children. Now they come, they’re married now, they come with their partners and they filled up their lives and their homes with wonderful items from a one stop centre really.”

See Susie’s unforgettable Chadstone story in the video below.

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Simone Farrugia

The Fashion Capital rubbed off on Simone at a very young age. From visiting the centre with her grandparents when she was two years old, Simone was intrigued by her surroundings.

“It’s so funny thinking about visiting the shops when I was younger, it was really a special occasion and I think that it was something that we would dress up for. That would we anticipate and look forward too,” Simone explains. “I remember just being really excited and really feeling like it was something special coming with my parents. I can even remember my grandparents really dressing up, my grandpa being in his shirt and tie, and my grandmother with her beautiful broches on. It was quite decadent to come to the shopping centre.”

Fast forwarding a few years, Simone visited Chadstone with her friends to shop with their pocket money, worked at Kookai Chadstone in her 20s, and continued to purchase special items at the centre, including her bridesmaid dresses.

“I thought about my own journey with Chadstone and all the years that I’ve had these significant experiences in my life. Obviously, I’m here as a personal stylist now, and I’m enjoying the time, it’s such a beautiful time to be here. Chadstone has evolved and it has become this thing that I almost remember again - it’s become an occasion again. Chadstone is this beautiful way to spend time with the people you love, it’s an experience,” says Simone. “I love that we’ve gone full circle and I get to be part of that for people now. I get to be involved in someone else having their own experience and it really means a lot. I think if the fact that I’ve gone through these ages and periods myself, from childhood, teenager, young working life, and then of course becoming a mum and visiting the centre with my children.”

Chadstone has become a large part of Simone’s life, from working as one of Chadstone’s Personal Stylists to bring the family to the centre to enjoy quality time at dinner, the movies, and enjoying the special events in which Chadstone hosts throughout the year. 

Hear more about Simone’s Chadstone memory in the video below.

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