Kaye & Graeme's


Their Chadstone Memories

Introducing Chadstone 60 Year Ambassadors and Murrumbeena locals, Kaye and Graeme Andrew.

In 1968, Kaye and Graeme were working as juniors at the State Bank at Chadstone where the pair worked together for a year before they began dating in secret, afraid of what their colleagues would think if they found out.

With no savings on a wage of $42 per fortnight, Kaye and Graeme only had one priority – to spend the rest of their lives together.

From eating donuts at Melbourne’s first donut store at Chadstone, watching the centre grow from a strip of shops to the all-encompassing retail, entertainment and dining destination it is today or learning how to drive in the Chadstone carpark, Kaye and Graeme have many memories at the place where it all began.

To the disbelief of those who thought the pair were just ‘teenagers in love’, Kaye and Graeme are happily married 52 years later and are still regular visitors to Chadstone, now bringing along their three beautiful daughters and five grandchildren.

See Kaye and Graeme’s full story in the videos below.

A sweet memory

Kaye and Graeme reminisce about their favourite sweet treat from back in the day at Chadstone – the first donut shop in Australia.

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driving at chadstone

From meeting at Chadstone in their teens to learning how to drive a car in the car park on a Sunday afternoon, Kaye and Graeme reminisce about their memories of Chadstone back in the day.

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moon landing

Kaye and Graeme talk about their memories of how they watched the Moon landing in 1969 whilst working at the bank at Chadstone. To celebrate the occasion, their manager at the time brought in a black and white television so that the team could watch as Neil Armstrong took his first steps.

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The evolution of Chadstone

From a strip of shops to the gridshell roof, Kaye and Graeme reminisce about what Chadstone was like in 1968 and how it has evolved through the years.

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