Le Creuset

1st January - 25th January 2020

Le Creuset

The Year of the Rat signifies wealth and surplus in the Chinese Zodiac. Prepare your own Prosperity Feast with a lucky Cerise selection from Le Creuset to ensure good fortune. Le Creuset's Cerise, a deep cherry red, makes the perfect table setting to embody great energy and bold beginnings. 

Selections include

  • Cocotte Every Cerise (From $449.00 AUD)
  • Cast Iron Wok Cerise ($600.00 AUD)
  • Zen Kettle ($169.00 AUD)
  • Cereal Bowl ($25.00 AUD)
  • Pasta Bowl ($30.00 AUD)
  • Salad Plate ($28.00 AUD)
  • Dinner Plate ($35.00 AUD)
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