news| 8th February 2019

Pigs can’t fly, but Pigcasso sure can paint! Swatch has teamed with the world’s most talented (and most likely the only) painting pig for a new Art Special, FLYING PIG BY MS. PIGCASSO.

The Swatch Art Special comes with a certificate of authenticity and has a limited and numbered release of just 2.019 pieces, with the Pig taking the lead as the lucky charm as of February 5, 2019. The resilient body, crazy lazy mind and (undoubtedly) trendy artistic skills, make of the Pig the last animal of the Chinese zodiac’s cycle, but the first animal to paint a Swatch watch.

Working with child-friendly, non-toxic paint, the 450-pounds of talent have been charming fans with colourful creations since 2016. Whether at the trough or studio, this sweet sow has heart - all proceeds from her work further Farm Sanctuary SA’s mission to inspire compassion for farm animals. This year, don’t think pig sty, think pig style with FLYING PIG BY MS. PIGCASSO!


With very limited number in Australia, get in quick as Ms Pigcasso’s Flying Pig will be sold out before you can say Oink Oink!

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