Bras N Things

news| 3rd December 2018
Bras N Things

Every body deserves to sparkle this festive season. That’s the message from Aussie women Robyn Lawley and Steph Claire Smith who star in Bras N Things’ new Gifts that Sparkle campaign.

“I couldn’t be happier that one of my favourite Aussie clients, Bras N Things, asked me to be in their Christmas campaign. I love being back in Australia at this time of year, the weather is warming up and everyone is ready to spend time with friends and family,” Robyn said.

“Bras N Things has always done an amazing job of celebrating women and embracing women and I am proud to be part of that. Great lingerie can change how you feel, whether you want to be sexy, have a fun night out with friends or just feel good as you head off to work. There is something special about putting on the right set of lingerie that fits perfectly, there’s an empowering confidence that comes with it.”

For Steph Claire Smith, co-owner of fitness and wellness movement Keep It Cleaner, there’s no better time to embrace what makes you feel great.

“One of the reasons I love working with Bras N Things is I know this is a brand that truly celebrates women. Bras N Things always have gorgeous pieces that suit all body types and I love that you can walk into any store and find a friendly team who are trained to help you find a bra that is not only comfortable but fits your body perfectly.”

With over 30 years’ experience designing bras in Australia and training team members to be experts in fit, whether you are an A cup or an H cup, Bras N Things have the perfect bra for every customer at every stage of life.

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