news|19th March 2020

The latest installation of the Moncler Genius collection, 2 Moncler Genius 1952,  has been launched this week in Australian stores.


The Women's collection was designed by Moncler's Veronica Leoni, who interpreted the Moncler codes through multicultural connections of signs and traces taken from different cultures and mixed in unexpected, abstract ways. 

The volume of kimonos meets African geometries as Giraffe prints are splashed onto sportswear shapes and chinese silhouettes are reconfigured as utilitarian suits.


Similarly, the Men's collection, designed by Moncler's Sergio Zambon, also features the concept of crossovers and juxtapositions.

Zambon collaborated with Awake NY and Fregus Purcell to create a collection that is real, rooted in youth culture, and playfully contrasting.


The collection is available in Moncler Chadstone now!

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