Spring/Summer 2019 has bloomed at Chadstone


Explore the new season trends with bursts of romantic florals and fresh summer zest.
Through an abundance of colour with an influence of art, this season's fashion celebrates self-expression.


Be playful by mixing street style with designer and exaggerate with bold accessories. There are no rules, we are our own curators. 

The vibrant illustrations of artist and fashion collaborator, Ana Strumpf, embody the joie-de-vivre associated with the welcoming of the new season.



Jacket - Witchery, Skirt - Saba, Shoes - Zara, Bracelet - Bulgari, Necklaces - Tiffany & Co.


Top and pants - Camilla, Bag - Ferrargamo, Earrings and Necklace - Bulgari, Bracelets - Piaget


Jumpsuit and Jacket - Alice McCall, Rings - Mimco


Blazer and Pants - Country Road, Pale Pink Bag - TDE, Bright Pink Bag - Country Road


Dress & Bag - Coach, Shoes - Hugo Boss, Necklace & Bracelet - Piaget


Behind the Scenes


Brazilian artist and visionary, Ana Strumpf, is a dominating force on the art and illustration scene within the fashion industry. Her drawings have already graced the pages of Vogue, ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR, Marie Clare, among others, and are now a hero piece within the Spring Summer season. 


We spoke with Ana to understand her creative process and what inspires her fashion focused illustrations. Read to discover Ana's take on the relationship between art and fashion, and what self-expression means to her. 


Tell us about ‘Ana Strumpf’ and how you evolved into the artist you are today.

I always loved drawing. Back when I was a kid I wanted to become a painter. I grew up with design being quite a prominent element in my upbringing. Mixing fashion with interior design has always been very natural to me and became one of my main artistic goals.

What work are you best known for?

Definitely for my personal project Re.Cover, the one in which I illustrate on the covers of fashion magazines. By drawing upon images made by the biggest names in fashion, I think I give new meaning to them, but at the same time, I respect a lot all the professionals involved in the original cover. 

Explain your creative process and source of inspiration. 

I can’t track where my creative process comes from. There’s no rules. Sometimes inspiration comes out of nowhere, other times I struggle for days to find a good idea. Really, there’s not an
order to how I do things. I find inspiration everywhere, in books, magazines, museums, fashion shows, trips, people on the streets. My radar is always on.

What’s the inspiration behind the art created for Chadstone’s Spring Summer campaign?

Spring was the main inspiration. I tried to mix flowers with some pop and fun elements that I like to use, like stars, eyes, hearts, lips. Also, the colors of the pieces used in the editorial were very inspirational to me.

Explain the relationship between art and fashion

Fashion x Art is an eternal love affair. Either as an inspiration, on a collaboration, it’s a way to  transfer iconic images onto products. But for me, the creative process of a great painter, is the same as of a great fashion designer, they are all artists.

What does self-expression mean for you?

Understanding my own personality and constantly searching for things that keep me growing. Reinventing myself takes a great part in the process of finding my own style. It’s a never-ending process. I think fashion, interior design and lifestyle are keys to self expression. You can tell a lot about one person by the way she dresses, or lives. Styling (myself, my house) is also part of my creative process.



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