How to create a stunning Christmas Grazing Table

Christmas is the perfect time to entertain guests and there’s nothing more inviting than a table overflowing with delicious cheese and nibbles. At Chadstone, we’re making Christmas entertaining easy, with everything you need to create the perfect grazing table. 

1. All about the base: Start with the right foundation

Building your grazing table starts with the layout, and sets the foundation for how your table will be styled. With a solid base, everything else will fall into place. Start with an array of cheese boards in contrasting finishes such as marble and timber, and start to assemble the layout of your grazing table. Play with different heights using risers of various sizes, to allow the boards to overlap with each other slightly. This will keep your design dynamic, whilst making the most of the space you have to work with.

2. Make it personal: Choose your theme

Add a festive touch to your grazing table by adding some seasonal greenery, including Fir Tree branches and Holly, as well as paying homage to an Australian Christmas by adding Blue Gum into the mix. Start by weaving your foliage around the tiers of arranged platters, and adjust until you’re happy with your festive design. Visit Helen Dillon Florist (located outside near Woolworths) for all your greenery supplies.

3. Gather and style: Arrange your grazing table.

Start by arranging your large cheese, dip, and deli meats first. Once evenly spaced across your boards, start adding medium sized items including a selection of crackers, olives and fresh fruits such as passionfruit, figs, and grapes. This will introduce colour and freshness to the table, whilst adding texture as the boards start to take shape. Finally, fill in empty spaces with small items that can be scattered throughout the grazing table - think cherries, raspberries, dried apricots and nuts from fresh markets like Colonial Fresh Market. Here lies the secret to creating a more full, decadent looking grazing table.


When selecting your cheeses, go for variation. A variety of textures, flavours and densities will add balance, shape and colour whilst also catering to your guests’ tastes. For expert cheese recommendations, visit Simon Johnson (located on the Ground Floor) for advice from the Cheese Room, to really impress your guests.

4. For your Sweet Tooth: Christmas confectionery

A time for indulging in delicious food, the final step is to add a hint of sweetness to your platter. We’ve styled the top tier of our arrangement with Christmas confection like cupcakes, fruit mince pies and candy canes. Pick up your fresh, fluffy cupcakes from Cupcake Queens, while Laurent has delectable fruit mince pies and beautiful Christmas cakes.

5. Time to feast.

Finally, serve a Christmas punch in festive glasses alongside your professionally styled grazing table to really wow your guests. Cheers!